PowerHybrid® Technology

Propulsion that really moves things forward

The motorisation of the Imperia GP roadster relies on a technology developed exclusively for this vehicle. The first sports car considering the same strong environmental concerns only propose the pure electric propulsion, which drastically limits their range of action.

Imperia, for its part, offers unlimited range the moment it switches to the thermal engine in case the batteries go empty. In hybrid mode, the batteries can also preventively be recharged when the vehicle is in motion.

The principle of PowerHybrid® propulsion according to Imperia

During a journey, the driver can decide at any time, via a selector, the type of propulsion required: electric or hybrid.

Using another control, the driver decides whether he/she intends to run the batteries down completely (in order to recharge them on the mains, having reached the destination), or wants to keep a reserve to be used when entering urban traffic.

These functions enable you to optimise your use of the Imperia GP by adapting to circumstances.

image PowerHybrid

Cheap energy with no direct emissions

The Imperia GP offers yet another pioneering exclusive feature on its market segment: it is the only hybrid car that can be recharged from the mains, simply via a 220V power socket.

Full charge is obtained in 4h30, for an unbeatable cost per kilometer ratio (€ 0.034/ km on day tariff, € 0.016/100 km on night tariff).