Imperia Automobiles, a past with a rich future

As new as it is, the Imperia Automobiles brand already has a prestigious past. Developed at Green Propulsion, Imperia Automobiles is reviving the name of a company both famous and Liege-based, which was at the height of its success in the 1st half of the 20th century, and is identifying itself with this prestigious heritage.

Connoisseurs of cars, aficionados of mechanical sports and those nostalgic for a local industrial past will be responsive to our desire to put some shine back into the glorious image of what remains of the last make of Belgian cars.

Imperia. It’s in the blood.

Between 1900 and 1950, Imperia wrote one of the finest pages in the history of the Belgian automotive industry. The brand experienced both commercial and sporting success. Its flattering sales were accompanied by convincing success in different international competitions on road or circuit. Its connection with Minerva, another Belgian make, also enabled it to occupy the prestige cars niche with models that were the benchmark of elegance and distinction.

Innovation as a trademark

With its own circuit on top of its Nessonvaux plant, Imperia Mark 1 showed boldness and innovation during the 50 years of its epic existence. Its sporting successes have not hidden the fact that Imperia as from 1907 recovered Pieper’s facilities. He invented the Auto-Mixte, the first hybrid vehicle, also called at the time the “petro-electric” engine.

Our sole aim in reviving the brand is to make a similar impression in a highly-specialised and forward-looking field.

Being able to rely on such an eminent past is already a guarantee for the future.

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Download the brief history of Imperia Automobiles (PDF).

Three books tracing the history of Imperia and the Belgian automotive industry at the beginning of the century are available from the Editions Vieux-Temps website.