Rediscovered pleasure

The success of resurrected cars like the New Beetle, the Mini, or more recently, the commercial triumph of the new-look Fiat 500, bear witness to this: Neo-Retro Design is definitely in fashion. In addition to the aesthetic pleasure afforded by the lines, which stand out from the current standards commonplace in today’s vehicles, you can also detect nostalgia for a time when the car was still a magical object, the vector of a rediscovered freedom.

With wings separate from the engine hood and its fluid lines, the Imperia GP celebrates the return to a concept where elegance is no longer sacrificed for efficiency, and where these two parameters are harmoniously integrated. Its vertical radiator grille is a fine example of this. Although it might suggest an aerodynamic weakness, it houses a mobile inlet device that regulates the flow of air into the vehicle.

This characteristic gives it a better penetration ratio than many contemporary cars.

The design of the Imperia results from a close collaboration between Green Propulsion and the designer Denis Stevens.

Sensual pleasure without luxury. Or with.

The sporty character of the Imperia GP is also reflected in its deliberately austere interior. Amateurs and those nostalgic for purely sports driving will discover a level of pleasure that sometimes seems lessened by the different electronic “support” systems that more ordinary vehicles are filled with.

On board the Imperia GP, the driver becomes the pilot again.

These devices are available, however, as several option packs.